I am PHP/MySQL programmer and a strong believer in the power of technology. I believe that a purposeful and focussed integration of technology can yield unprecedented results in almost any domain: from farming to manufacturing to communication to learning.

I have been programming for over a decade now, of which, most years have been in the Educational Technology domain. I help enriching the educational experience at American Embassy School in New Delhi by developing software that automates the process and alongside moves the School closer to its goal of reducing its carbon footprint by reducing the paper usage.

My experience at AES has taught me and provided with evidence for my belief.

I have successfully helped the School digitize a variety of processes like elections (like school board, student govt. etc.), sign-ups/registrations (After school activities, Summer school, adult-education program etc.), payments to school (like tuition/bus/lunch fee, trips payment and other program specific fees) and more.